Our Expertise

Our Director, Peter Double, is former solicitor who has qualified to practice law in, and has practiced law for many years in each of England, Hong Kong and California, USA his practice was mainly concerned with Company and Trust law looking after high net worth individuals and their assorted enterprises, many of them worldwide.

Library Stock PhotoWhile in the USA he co-authored a book on Asset Protection and Tax Planning and was a speaker at many seminars on the subject.

Upon his return to the UK, he founded the Medallion Guarantee business of Sharedata Ltd; and until recently was the sole person in charge of International Probate Resealing at Sharedata where he built the business from scratch.

His many clients have involved activities not only in the usual overseas countries for English based estates, such as Australia, Canada, and the USA but have included estates with assets listed on our web site which gives details of the basic documents needed to enable a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration to be resealed in those various countries.

He will be pleased to help you solve your probate resealing problem or the sale or transfer of overseas assets such as real estate; stocks and shares; the closure of overseas bank accounts; and for the wealthier clients with assets in the USA of filing Form 706-NA to obtain from the US IRS the needed Federal Transfer Certificate to enable such US assets to be sold or transferred (please see our article about Federal Transfer Certificates / Form 706-NA). He has acquired considerable experience in this particularly narrow area of US IRS Regulations.

For those persons living in Continental Europe where there are forced heirship laws, he has helped several estates obtain the necessary Federal Transfer Certificate and he has supervised the subsequent transfer and/or sale of the stocks and shares owned by the deceased. In several cases he has made arrangements for the payment of US Estate Tax to the US IRS, in one case saving the family several thousand dollars.

In addition to helping foreign based families, he has also supervised the resealing in this Country of overseas Grants of Probate (usually from Australia, Malaysia and the Far East); and once the Grant has been issued in this Country (whether as a new Grant or by way of reseal) he has supervised the sale and/or transfer of assets or closure of bank accounts, and ensured the subsequent remittance of the proceeds to the foreign Executors or Beneficiaries, again for the benefit of the family when they had almost (in a couple of cases) abandoned the assets concerned.