Stock & share valuations for a deceased’s estates

We are able to provide stock & share valuations for deceased’s estates as at the date of death, as well as valuations for capital gains tax and other similar calculations.

We have access to records gong back over 20 years.

Some valuations are particularly difficult when a company has been taken over, or has split into different new companies which in turn have been taken over. Prime exmples are Tyco International which in recent years has split into several companies, and these companies themselves have been subsequently taken over. In one case we were able to tell the client that by our calculations she had additional shareholdings which in fact were subsequently proven to be worth several thousand pounds when eventually recovered.

Another such company is Cadburys which became Kraft Foods, and now Kraft Heinz, with also the Dr. Pepper Snapple spin off form the old Cadburys company.

Valuations of such companies becomes very difficult once the public stock market daily price quotations are no longer available.

You should also note that the when dealing with stocks and shares in USA quoted companies for deceased’s estates, that the US IRS has different method for valuing shares as at the deceased’s date of death which usually results in a different valuation from the U.K. traditional “quarter up” valuation.

Care must also be taken to ensure that the correct exchange rate is used as at the date of death, and not as at the date that the valuation is performed, which is a common mistake.

If the estate has some old share certificates which are no longer valid, these old share certificates may still have some value as works of art in their own right.