Share Transfers & Sales


We are also able to assist when someone simply wants to transfer shares from himself or herself to another person, and on may occasions the stock brokers that they have contacted or use are unable to help carry out the requested transfer particularly if the transfer involves shares of a company situated in a foreign country.

For example, we have had several cases where frustrated investors in Australia have asked us to help in the transfer of USA shares to their relatives as part of the Australian estate planning.

We can also help United Kingdom based persons transfer shares in a UK listed company when their regular stockbrokers have been unable to help.

Please therefore contact us with your share transfer problem, and we will help you solve your problem.

As mentioned elsewhere on our website, once we have an idea of the work involved we will provide you with a fixed fee quote for the work to be carried out on your behalf, although we reserve the right to ask for a review if extra, unanticipated work is involved.

Sales of Shares

Sometimes people have inherited shares many years ago, that they now want to turn into cash and do not know how to do so; and again we can help. We will create an account for the seller with our brokers, and then arrange for our brokers to sell the shares and account direct to the seller (we do not handle clients monies).

Sales of Shares for UK Probate Estates

If you are acting for a probate estate, and the estate has stocks and shares that you do not know how to transfer or sell, please contact us, as we will be able to help in dealing with the transfer and/or sale of shares.

We will arrange for the transfer of the shares into the name of the Executors or Beneficiaries (as may be requested), and then can arrange for the necessary brokerage account to be opened with our brokers, who will then sell the shares and account directly to you for the net proceeds of sale.

When the shares have been sold, our brokers will issue a Contract Note which will state the net proceeds of sale due to you, and the date when the monies will be paid direct into your nominated bank account. We find it takes the banking system about 3 – 5 days for the monies to actually arrive in your nominated bank account, so please do not worry about the slight delay.