Probate Resealing

Resealing a Grant of Probate in a foreign country

A brief introduction to the Probate Resealing process

When someone dies leaving assets overseas from their home country, frequently the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration (if the deceased died intestate) obtained in the deceased’s home country has to be confirmed in the foreign overseas country so that the assets owned by the deceased in that foreign country can be recovered and transferred to the Executors or Beneficiaries of the deceased’s estate. This process in the foreign country is called probate resealing.

The process varies from Country to Country and can be simpler for countries which are members of the Commonwealth as advantage can be taken of the Colonial Probates Act.

Once the Grant has been resealed, we can also arrange for the foreign assets to be sold if requested, and the monies from the sale will be paid direct to the Executors or lawyers concerned as we do not handle clients monies.

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